Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crook Type - Crook Type 2004 Online

Crook Type 2004

Do you like Crook Type? It's my favorite album from Crook Type.
Watch is very the best music.
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Genre: rap
  • Intro
  • Disrespectin My Grind
  • Belly Up
  • Let A Bitch Know
  • Bung
  • Want U Back
  • Get it Poppin
  • Die Loyal
  • It's on featuring Snake Vicious and Inna City
  • Let Em Have it
  • Ain't Built for this
  • The Openin
  • Father Forgive Me
  • My Time
  • Fresh out
  • Fuck All Yall
  • We Don't Play
  • Wicked Men
  • Vill Nigga
  • Suicide Homicide
  • Run with the Best
  • Duc Down
  • Lead Pressure
  • Villain
  • Watch
  • Till the Body Me
  • Crook Type

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